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Kavita Kaushik Lost Her Cool And Posted A Long Tweet Against BJP Supporters

After the rant that Kavita Kaushik received on her earlier Tweet, it seems like she really wanted to give a positive closure to what happened.

After parliament declared to re-telecast the Ramayana from the 1980’s it brought back memories and enthusiasm among the entire nation. Young parents of today felt good about how their kids are going to learn about the mythology through this gem of a show.

Earlier actor Kavita Kaushik had tweeted how she did not like the idea of doing the re-runs.

Here is the Tweet:

She received a lot of hate on these tweet from people all over the micro-blogging site. She finally took an initiative to shut down the haters with another tweet. She said, “Bhakts, your abuses mean nothing for me, cos I’m aware how easy is it to talk shit to a woman :age ka mazaak udaao, actor bhi hai :charitr pe laanchan lagaao, insaan hai: family ko gaali do. You are showing your truth but I’m secure with mine! I’m neither scared not embarrassed.

Here is the Tweet:

It comes as a surprise that with the presence of so much disrespect and objectifying the female gender in the country, even the female celebs are not spared. At the same time, people would go and check out every bit of entertainment presented by these artists.

Kavita spoke her mind and we are with her. What do you think? Leave your comments!

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