Fans Compared Yashika Anand With Mia Khalifa, She Gave It Back To Them One By One


Social media is a great and fun place to be at, however, every great thing comes with its own disadvantages and side effects. Being an actress isn’t an easy thing as you are always under the scanner of media and people, who leave no chance to bring you down and troll you for your outfit, hairstyle, lifestyle or for no reason at all.

Yashika Anand is a very popular South movie star, who has given many amazing performances in many movies. She is also very famous on social media, where she is very active. She enjoys a huge fan following on social media.

Her jaw-dropping pictures and stunning videos never fail to go viral and leave people in awe of her beauty. However, she is also one of the favorite targets of the trolls on social media, who never leave any opportunity to troll her. However, the actress knows how to give it back to her trollers.

There have been many instances when people even went ahead and compared Yashika with the adult movie star Mia. Recently, Yashika shared a picture of herself where she can be seen standing in a glittering outfit.


Here, check out her picture:

The picture soon went viral and there were many who started comparing her to Mia Khalifa. One of the users commented “Indian Mia Khalifa ” in the comment section, however, Yashika gave a fitting reply to the troller. Here, check out her reply:

Another user commented as “Mia Kahlifa in bhurj Khalifa’, to this Yashika schooled the user to watch the faces of adult stars carefully to not get confused. She commented:

One of her fans called her the combination of Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa, to which Yashika asked him whether he is a producer of adult films. She replied:

Yashika was trolled again in another picture, where the netizens asked everyone to watch her left hand in the picture. She gave an apt reply to watch his right hand after looking at her picture.

Here, check out the reply: