Real Heroes of India: Health Officer Kept Working For Motherland Even After Mother’s Death

The total number of Coronavirus infected people has crossed the mark of 950 in India and the numbers are still increasing rapidly with 25 people losing their lives to the disease. While the entire country is under lockdown, with most of us working from home to contain the spread of Coronavirus, there are many people who have to hit the road even at this crucial time.

From policemen, healthcare professionals, shopkeepers, airport staff, sanitation workers to people working in media and banks, there are many people who are working for us and making sure that the country doesn’t collapse. While most of us are finding it difficult to stay at home, these people are risking their lives for us.

Amidst many brave ‘heroes’, Ashraf Ali is an inspiration for all of us. On Wednesday, Ashraf Ali, who is in charge of sanitation for Bhopal Municipal Corporation, had a rough day at work. It was in the morning when he received the news of his mother’s death.

No one would have said a word if Ashraf Ali would have left the work that day to be there with his family. However, instead of rushing home immediately, he chose to stay at work and finish his job. He prioritized his country before his personal tragedy.

Talking about the same with NDTV, Ashraf revealed:

“Nothing more valuable than one’s mother. After your mother comes your motherland, which is in danger. I came to know about my mother’s death at 8 AM, but also had my duty to my country. I went in the afternoon for the burial but returned to work later.”

He added:

I went in the afternoon for the burial but returned to work later,”

We at ‘The Funniest Indian’ salute the spirit of brave heroes like Ashraf Ali, who are working day and night for us.


NOTE: You can help the government to battle Coronavirus by donating in PM-CARES Fun. Below are the details:

Also donating isn’t enough to fight with the disease, we need to take care of ourselves. Please stay inside and stay safe.

Written by Unnati Madan

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