Jr. Golf Champion’s Grandmother Made A Heart-Winning Gesture For PM Narendra Modi


To fight back the pandemic of coronavirus in India, junior golfer Arjun Bhati’s grandmother donated her one-year pension to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relief fund.

Junior golfer Arjun Bhati’s father served the nation as an Indian Army. Bhati’s grandmother had been receiving grandfather’s pension since 2005. In this crucial stage of controlling the outbreak of Covid 19, the grandmother decided to donate a year of pension amount to Government’s relief fund and this news was announced by her grandchild Arjun Bhatia through his Twitter account.

Celebrities and Indian Citizens are contributing heavily to fight against deadly coronavirus and to support the medical supplies for the health care personnel. Since the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a large number of people, including sports personalities and movie stars have come forward for the cause. The grandmother of one such junior golfer has also decided to donate her one-year pension amount Rs.206148.


The junior golfer took his Twitter account to share this news to the audience. He shared four images on the post including one of with his grandmother. Arjun Bhati, a junior world golf champion living in Noida. He shared the contribution wish of his grandmother in his post and wrote, “दादी भावुक होकर बोली अर्जुन देश ने बहुत दिनों तक मदद की है दादा जी सेना में थे 2005 के बाद से दादी को ही उनकी पेंशन मिल रही है,बोली मुझे भी देश के लिए कुछ करना है देश आज मुसीबत में है,मेरी 1 साल की पेंशन-206148-जो है ये मोदी जी को आज ही भेजो,मैं प्रार्थना करती हुँ

“Dadi said passionately that Arjun country has helped for a long time. Grandpa was in the army and since 2005 only the grandmother is getting her pension”. He further stated that his Dadi told him that in difficult times she too has to do something for the country. The country is in trouble today, and 1-year pension – a total of Rs 206148 – send it to Modi ji today. Arjun Bhati tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter handle with this post.

This post of Arjun is receiving many praises by the social platform users across the country. Some of the users praised Arjun’s Grandmother contribution initiative on comment and some also praised Arjun as a grandchild.


The 15-year-old Arjun, who has played in nearly 150 golf tournaments, won the Junior World Golf Championship in California last year. He has previously won the Under-12 Kids Golf World Championship in 2016 and Under-14 in 2018.