Twitterati React After A Woman Bit Police Officer Who Stopped Her For Driving Around The City During Lockdown

The whole country is struggling to cope up with the all-India lockdown because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The 21-days lockdown has sent many people in the country on the edge of as they scramble to collect all the essential items.

Although the state government and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear in his speech that the essential services will be available throughout the day, but still some people are making it difficult for the police. A women event went to the extent of biting a police officer in Kolkata.

Yes, you read that right. Recently, a video of a woman went insanely viral on social media, where she was seen going into a tussle with police officers as they questioned her for traveling while the whole country is under the lockdown.

The incident took place on Wednesday around 12.30 pm when a can was stopped by police officers at PNB More Kolkata. After stopping them, the police officers questioned those inside the car on where they were heading. In the video, the woman can be seen screaming at the police officer for questioning her. The woman even went on to accuse the police officer and even bit him

Later, the woman and her friend revealed that they were out to buy some medicines, however, on being asked about the prescription, they couldn’t show it. The police officer revealed:

We never spoke to the woman but she came out of the vehicle and attacked one of our officers,

As per the police officer, the woman even drew blood from an old wound she had and rubbed it over the police officer’s shirt,threatening him for injuring her. The woman, her friend and the driver of the cab have been arested.

Here, watch the video:

The whole incident has left the social media fuming in anger. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

Written by Unnati Madan

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