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The Kid Who Licked Pot’s Seat For ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ Tested Positive. Twitterati React

The world is bizarre and the people are definitely taking it a notch above. Social media challenges have made a different platform in themselves. The #IceBucketChallenge,  #BlueWhaleChllenge, #MannequinnChallenge, #KoreanHotNoodlesChallenge, and now recently the pandemic struck the #SafeHandsChallenge. Some made opportunities of awareness and some just contributed to plain idiocy and madness. Looks like the virus was challenged on TikTok in a different way. Let’s check out what is it!

Would you ever dare to lick the toilet seat out of anything? The answer is a big NO! Just in general we would consider it cringe-worthy and now with the virus outbreak, we would definitely dread such an imagination. Gay Shawn Mendes, popularly known as Large, the TikTok star thought to accept the dare as part of the #CoronavirusChallenge.

The challenge was all about licking public toilet seats, railings, furniture surfaces, just about anything that is left under the open air and you might want to consider to not touch. He participated in the challenge and as unfortunate it could get he was attacked by the virus. Recently, he tested positive.

Take a look at this picture:

Now, who’s funny, Large?

The influencers and followers soon made trolls out of his ridiculous take:

An Instagrammer posted, how it is not something sad and he that deserved it:

Currently, the account is suspended but the TikTok team and Large is under medical observations. It is a little hard to hope for his speedy recovery because let us face it, it is not sane disobey the pandemic situation.

Somebody learned his lesson. Or not, we can only guess!


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