Paresh Rawal Found A Perfect ‘Babu Bhaiya’ Hindi Word For Social Distancing

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed a nationwide lockdown for 21 days in order to contain the outspread of the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic. In his address to India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that social distancing is the only solution to curb this disease that has gripped the whole world.

Considering the experiments and experiences of other countries, experts suggested that a complete lockdown is the only solution to win this battle against the disease. As the numbers have been increasing rapidly, social distancing has become the ‘it’ thing across the nation. People are also taking to their social media accounts and are spreading awareness of many preventive measures in order to save themselves from the effect of dangerous coronavirus.

Prime Minister Modi and prominent people from around the countries have been urging everyone to maintain social distancing in order to break the cycle of the infection. Celebrities from all walks of life are taking to their social media to spread awareness about the disease and also about the importance of social distancing.

Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal came up with a hilarious tweet on Coronavirus, where he revealed the Hindi name of the word ‘social distancing’. Paresh Rawal took to his twitter and came up with a Hindi term for social distancing by calling it as TAN DOORI (Translation: Body-Distance). Tandoori is basically is an Indian method of cooking over a charcoal fire in a tandoor, which is a cylindrical clay oven. Paresh Rawal wrote:

Finally got the Hindi name of social distancing. TAN DOORI”

Here, check out the Tweet:

His tweet went viral in no time as fans came up with amazing reactions on the Tweet. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus positive cases has climbed up to 722 in India, with 16 people losing their lives to the disease. The total number of recovered cases is 45.

Written by Unnati Madan

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