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Viral ‘Angry Aunty’ From Pakistan Trolled Her Own Administration In Super Funny Way

The world is facing the highest trauma of spreading the coronavirus. This pandemic situation is growing every day. With the spread of Covid 19 in every other country, people are also recovering from this infection in a higher ration than deaths. According to Worldmeters information, 440,359 people have been spotted with positive Covid 19 affected and 112,032 people have already recovered from it while 19,753 people could not survive.

Self-isolation is one of the most common and effective measures in this crucial stage according to the National leaders globally. Authorities of different countries declared lockdown to protect their countrymen but people are not realizing the emergency of this situation and not following the rules. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a Pakistani aunty came out with her frustration for the irresponsible behaviour of Pakistani citizens of Punjab where people are not following the rules of two days lockdown.

The twitter video went viral on the social platform after posting from a user named, Varun Bahl. He posted the video with the caption, “Angry aunty from Pakistan. Weary cat face”.

The ‘Pakistani Aunty’ went vocal about the response of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan about the lockdown due to coronavirus. Pak PM Imran Khan recently addressed his nation and said he can not ask for a national lockdown as the country is not capable enough to supply food for common citizens as China did.

The angry video of Pakistani Aunty went viral and received different reactions from the users. Here are some responses from Twitterati on the post-


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Written by Swati Suvra

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