This Video Of A Kid Asking His ‘Cop’ Dad To Not Go Out During COVID-19 Period Has Gone Viral

India has been locked down for 21 days following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation. But not every citizen is staying at home, abiding by the law. This includes the Policemen as well, who are going out with the risk of their lives to control uneducated people who are still not taking this lockdown measure seriously by realizing the cautiousness of preventing Covid 19 spread.

Doctors, nurses and Policemen are trying their level best to control the situation and playing a significant role to protect the Indian citizen from the outbreak of coronavirus infections. We can not deny their effort in this crucial time but such a situation is not easy to accept being a family of a social service person. Duty is a duty when it comes to serving a nation like the Policemen.

Here, is a little kid of a police person is crying to his Dad and asking him to stay inside. He is crying due to the fear of coronavirus and pleading his father not to leave the home as he might get affected. This is such an emotional appeal from a little child that melts the heart of numerous users on social media.

A genuine scare of losing the loved ones is unignorable but when it is come to perform a responsibility then the Policemen have nothing to do but make their family understand and leave on their respective duties. Here is one of the live examples. Citizens should be more careful to follow the rules to respect these sacrifices from countless Policemen like this.

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Written by Swati Suvra

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