Nagpur City Police Uses Kabir Singh Meme To Spread Awareness About COVID-19



This new video has been scaring the world right now. The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the very foundation of our existence. The virus has spread all over like wildfire Several measures are being taken around the world to curb the deadly virus. Countries are on lockdown, never-seen-before medical emergencies have been keeping the medical industry on toes. The coronavirus attack is getting severe with each hour and every single day. At present, it has already wiped out a huge population around the world with approximately more than 2,86,000 recorded victims and over 11,800 recorded deaths in different parts of the world. In India as of today, more than 300 people have been found infected with this dangerous virus.

People are advised by the World Health organization among others to practice social distancing, self-quarantine, social isolation. Strictness to avoid mass gathering is also suggested if not necessary. Traveling should be the last option for anybody to get out of the house. For the exact reason, recreational places, schools, colleges, theatres, gyms, shopping malls, departmental stores, etc are all advised to shut down till further notice. A lot of offices and enterprises have also opted for work from home if necessary. Celebs have also taken up the responsibility to stay at home and spread awareness through social media. It is worthy to note how this virus has altered our daily routine and how!

Celebs from different industries and different regions have been active in spreading words about the severity of the situation. The official websites of the various government departments have also taken up the initiatives to give updates on the improvements and general awareness.



In the midst of all these Nagpur City Police updated an awareness post on a micro-blogging site with a meme that took sarcasm to a different level. Netizens from all over welcomed this idea by sharing their thoughts on their Twitter handle. Nagpur City Police shared a meme with a picture of Shahid Kapoor from the highly debated movie Kabir Singh where he played Kabir.

The post made rounds and became viral instantly. Social media took it quite positively and people responded in their hilarious ways.

Here is another response:

And the applaud continued:

And some responded with personal experience:


Well done Nagpur Police! This initiative might seem funny but it has definitely done the work of spreading the message. I hope all our readers stay indoors and insist everyone do so. Stay safe, stay healthy!