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Sonam Kapoor Got Trolled For Defending Kanika Kapoor’s Irresponsible Behavior

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who became the first victim of Coronavirus from Bollywood, stirred a controversy after she put the lives of many at risk by not going into self-isolation after returning back from London and hiding her travel history from authorities.

It is being reported that a few days back she returned back from London and landed in Lucknow. On returning back to Lucknow, the actress hid in the bathroom and didn’t get herself screened at the airport. The actress attended a lavish party with her friends and family at a five-star hotel in Lucknow after returning to Mumbai from London.

However, as per Kanika Kapoor, all these are rumors. In an exclusive interview, she revealed: “It took me 2 days to get tested. I called on all helplines number. I was told if you have a minor fever, it is okay. Had to make 20 calls to get tested”

While the singer is getting mercilessly slammed on social media for her negligence and ‘irresponsible’ behavior, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has now come out in support of the singer.

Sonam Kapoor, who is known for voicing out her opinions in every controversial matter, took to her social media and defended Kanika Kapoor on her behavior and wrote how self-isolation wasn’t mandatory at that time when Kanika Kapoor landed back in India. She also claimed that it was around the time when India was busy in playing Holi. She wrote:

“Hey guys @TheKanikakapoor came back on the 9th. India was not self isolating but playing Holi.”

Here, check out the tweet of Sonam Kapoor:

Well, her Tweet hasn’t gone down well with the netizens and people are now trolling her as well for defending the singer for her irresponsible behavior. Twitter is already flooded with tweets slamming the actress for her ‘senseless’ tweet.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


Written by Unnati Madan

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