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12 Funniest ‘Expectation vs Reality’ Memes On ‘Work From Home’

If the HR at your company declared the much-required advice to work from home because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite justified and you are fortunate. You should consider yourself lucky. But here is an interesting twist. It is not what it feels like to be. It might sound comforting but hey people! Do not relax yet! Let me give you a trivia. The expectations and reality are galaxy apart. While you work with the comfort of home, the first distraction is getting all laidback and lazy. It will need a lot of discipline and time management more than ever. While you have access to Netflix, refrigerator and your bed, it will require a lot of will power to block yourself out of that zone to give seamless outcome to your spreadsheet updates.

Now you might think that you will get more work done as there will be no peers to gossip with, no boss coming to check on you every now and then, no sitting upright on that uncomfortable office chair, etc. Reality slap: telecommuting is hard and stressful.

Netizens have flooded social media with expectations vs. the reality of what it feels like to work from home. before you adapt to your new work culture, you should go through these memes to check the reality of what you are going to get yourself into.

After working for just 2 hours:

The bed instead of the chair but on the flipside, you go like:

Learning new life hacks to juggle kitchen and #workfromhome:

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Let’s just hop on a call…

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On the brighter side, #FifthHarmony #WorkFromHome got back on the charts:

Well, the introverts have their win-win, finally:

More of the realities:

Well, now I guess you have figured out the do’s and dont’s and how to cope with the pandemic while you work from home. In the midst of all this chaos let us just hope that the virus will disappear soon and we can go back to our work routine. Till then let’s keep our quarantine spirits high!

Lesson from Mr.Bean:


Practice self-distance and self-isolation. The sole purpose of work from home is to keep ourselves safe and healthy from this #coronapocalypse. Stay woke!

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