10 Hilarious Photos That Prove That An Indian Woman Can Do Anything


An Indian woman is often billed to be a loyal lady who considers her husband as her God. The Indian women are the finest examples of the popular saying ‘Behind every successful man, there is hand of a woman.’ However, there have been occasions where the Indian women crossed all limits and did something which no one could imagine in their wildest dreams.

Here are the top 10 hilarious photos which prove that everything is possible for an Indian woman.


In this image, a lady can be seen riding the scooter while her baby can be seen sitting comfortably on a chair placed on the scooty


Gossips on the railway track

Funny Indian Woman (4)

Apart from their loyalty, another thing which is well known about the Indian ladies is their gossips. It is said that if four ladies start talking then they can take the world by storm. Irrespective of time and place, they can gossip anywhere and the above photo proves the same.

Triples on a motorcycle

Funny Indian Woman (5)

While it is a rare sight to see a lady riding a motorcycle on the roads, to see them ride three on one bike is even rarer. Usually, the males are spotted riding in this manner but here even the ladies showed that they are not behind men in any matter.

What an Idea, Madamji

Funny Indian Woman (7)

A majority of the Indian population lives in villages and farming is the chief profession of India. In the above photo, a lady can be seen helping her man in a unique manner.

When backrest is a must

Funny Indian Woman (9)

As mentioned ahead, the ladies do not ride motorcycles generally and they often side behind their husbands but here a young lady can be seen sitting behind her father on a motorcycle. Because there is no backrest facility for the person sitting behind, she decided to take her chair along with herself what can be called an Indian jugaad.

Work is worship

Funny Indian Woman (10)

With the advent of science and technology in India, a lot of ladies have learnt the art of working on a computer. They even work in the technology sector and once a woman was spotted completing her work on a laptop while standing in a traffic jam.

We can do this too!

Funny Indian Woman (14)

A rare image when because of a lack of vehicles, a group of people including a few ladies are hanging behind the jeep just to make it to the destination.

Masters of Photoshop

Funny Indian Woman (17)

The above image is definitely a photoshopped one where a lady has lifted a truck on her own. While we agree that an Indian woman can do anything she wishes to do, this work can only be done by a crane though.

Time to swap seats

Funny Indian Woman (20)

A change of roles for an old couple as the aunt is riding her man and the uncle seems to enjoy sitting behind his wife.

Don’t angry us

Funny Indian Woman (21)

Last, we have a photo where a man seems to have angered the women with his misbehavior and the women did not back off as they decided to teach him a lesson.