Now Nikhil Chinappa Is Getting Trolled For His Controversial Remarks


Neha Dhupia, one of the judges/gang leaders of the infamously famous MTV show Roadies was heavily crushed and trolled by critics on social media. In the name of #feminism, she made a comment like “it’s her choice” on the grounds that the male contestant revealed one of his life incidents where he had slapped his girlfriend whom he found out cheating with five other men.

This comment of hers went viral for promoting #FakeFeminism.This comment that was quite baseless and brutal, of course, did not fetch a positive effect. It went down like a bullet with the Netizens and she became a subject of hate overnight. The internet and social media world went into a frenzy and went down to roast her as unplugged as the show projects it to be. The next moment, another judge/gang leader Nikhil Chinappa followed her path and started roasting the contestant. Instead of pacifying the situation, Nikhil throws random words of abuse at the contestant and defends Neha.


The contestant kept his cool and tried to make them understand his thoughts. To make matters more dramatic, Nikhil went up to the guy’s face and started abusing him even more. Nikhil tried to push him further to gauge and make him angry by using provocative words and remarks. In the midst of this chaos, the contestant still tried to put his best foot forward to state his opinion to clear the confusion. He further said that if he is being loyal to the girl, he also expects the girl to reciprocate the same. In a relationship both the parties deserve loyalty and love. He further added that if the girl was not being honest in the relationship, then she must be “punished “in some way or the other. To this Neha passed a remark that goes like “who is he to punish her”. Nikhil kept on being defensive towards what Neha had to say. This behavior of Nikhil sparked the hate fire among the  Netizens and they took it by a storm where they protested to ban the show.

In their opinion it is surely going to have an adverse effect on the youth of the nation and that it is all about the show TRP.

One user posted, “Hey world let me introduce to you a wannabe loser @nikhilchinapa, this chap trying to teach someone, on how to respect women by calling him a motherfucker. Hands down the worst chutiyapa on internet.” While another tweeted, “What has happened to shows on television ! @MTVRoadies no concept of #CodeOfConduct for your employees? I pray kids & teens aren’t growing up watching this.”

Oh well, it looks like somebody worked hard for TRP and it finally paid off! What do you all think?

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