Yes Bank’s Situation Has Started A Meme Fest On Twitter


Yes Bank is struggling with the cash crisis. Within the last few days, the bank went through at a collapse to revive with the help of the State Bank of India. From now on, Yes Bank will remain under a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) moratorium and the customers will not be able to withdraw more than Rs. 50,000 rupees. The current ban on the bank is from 5th March to 3rd April. RBI has also appointed Prashant Kumar, a former chief financial officer at SBI as the Yes Bank’s administrator. RBI also decided that the emergency measure would apply until April 3 and the decision was taken based on the financial position of the Yes Bank.

As soon as this decision came, there was an outcry among the people. It was a ruckus. But the main ruckus is going on the social media platform where meme-makers have started meme fest based on this situation. Mimsbaz started to drop jokes like raindrops and the social platform is flooding away by their creativity.

The memes are going viral with ‘#nobank’ mostly on the Twitter platform. Here are some hilarious memes for you –