Netizens React Bharti Singh’s Latest Instagram Video


Bharti Singh is one of the most talented comedians of our country, who over time has entertained her fans throughout her career by her funny gimmicks and hilarious sense of humor. She has been ruling over the television industry for quite a long time now. She has not just become everyone’s favorite but has also gained everyone’s respect with her inspirational journey.

Bharti is one of the very few female comedians of India who has touched new heights and has been giving a tough competition to her male counterparts.

Bharti is very active on her social media, where she never leaves an opportunity to entertain her fans by tickling their funny bones with her hilarious sense of humor. She is often seen indulging in funny banters and she also posts hilarious videos of herself that never fail to leave everyone in splits.

Recently, she was at it when she shared a video of herself promoting the new thick ‘Slice’ on her Instagram account. In the video, Bharti can be seen asking people to try the new slice.


However, Bharti being Bharti said that the new slice is made of special ‘Punjabi’ mangoes that are grown when one provides them with ‘desi ghee’ instead of water every day and that’s the reason behind the thickness of New ‘Slice’.

Sharing the video, Bharti wrote: “Toh samjhe Naya Slice itna thick kaise hai? Ek baat toh hai, Slice ke aam kismet wale aam hai!”

Here, check out the hilarious video:

Netizens loved the video of Bharti and came up with amazing reactions to it. Here, check out the reactions of Netizens on it: