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10 Most Expensive Arrangements PM Modi Has Made For President Trump’s Visit

US President Donald Trump along with First Lady of US Melania Trump will be in India on an official two-day tour on 24th and 25th of February of 2020. Us President Trump is the First serving President to visit Gujrat as he will directly land in Ahmedabad for this tour. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will greet and receive him personally in Sardar Vallabhbhai Airport, Ahmedabad on 24th February. Following the tour, President Trump will head to Motera and there will attend the Namaste Trump event which will be held in Sardar Patel Stadium. This event is supposed to show the smiler welcome like Howdy Modi event hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Texas previous year which also made a countless headline after the event took place.

On the occasion of POTUS’ first time visit in the country; India is leaving no stone to make this shot visit as memorable and seamless as possible.

Reportedly, India has spent over Rs. 130 crores for the hospitality and making sure of every little detail as perfect as possible right before the visit. This visit has become more significant after President Trump calls off India’s name from the list of developing nations in the world. However, the President seems to like the grand Invitation by the Prime Minister of India as he said, “We’re not treated very well by India, but I happen to like Prime Minister Modi a lot. And he told me we’ll have 7 million people between the airport and the event,”

Here are 10 things India has spent Rs130 crores for the preparation of greeting President Donald Trump’s first visit-


On 24th of February Prime Minister Narendra Modi will receive President Trump from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Airport and accompany him for the Namaste Trump event. Two leaders will first visit the Sabarmati Ashram and later will head to the Sardar Patel Stadium. This 22-kilometre route, there are some slums around on the way but to avoid the view of this site, Government of Gujrat took the initiative to construct a seven-foot, 400-meter wall. The erecting cost for the wall is about Rs 100 crore.

Clearing Slums:

For the constructing purpose of the wall, the Gujrat authority also cleared up slums near the Sardar Patel Stadium. Reportedly, over 45 families, who were living in the related area over two decades were asked to evacuate their living place for erecting the wall.

Shutting down Pan shops:

Pan shop is the most common view in India here and there. It seems you have to gear up your own stock if you are travelling on the same 22-kilometre route which President Trump will be touring soon as the authority of Gujrat also shutting down the Pan shops on the same locality. Three pan shops had closed near the airport so far.

Removing street dogs:

India’s rescue programs for street dogs are not as remarkable as the other foreign countries of the world. But as President Trump is going to visit Ahmedabad for the two days tour soon, the streets must to spotless for the reason. The street dogs of the related locality have brought in shelters for the cause.

Patrolling empty houses:

Around the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera, there are 40 empty houses and plots which are patrolling by the responsible police to make sure that there are no illegal activities going on in any of these places. Also, the residents who are currently living in the area are also asked to show residential proof by the cops.

Flight diversions:

Your flight schedule will be changed if you are planning to set the foot in Ahmedabad on the same day that President and First Lady will step in the city. Your prescheduled ticket will be refunded for the reason. Reportedly, only 10 flight will be landed at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport which will bring the eminent personalities to the event on 24th Feb 2020. Over 60 domestic and international flight have either cancelled or diverted to Surat or Baroda on that day. This charge will add into the Rs 130 crores bill.


There are lots of beautification going around the areas where President Trump will be visiting soon to make sure he likes what he sees during the official visit. 22-kilometre routs have to go through many beautifications for the President’s visit which said that over Rs 30 crores have spent already for the cause. Besides, there will be 28 stages will showcase the cultural event has also constructed on the related route. The event will be attended by one lakh people who are scheduled to attend the visit of President will reach the destination by 2,200 buses and they will be picked up from the selected area. The city Magistrate has also ordered to clear the route and beautify it from the Kheria Airport to Taj Mahal in Agra as President Trump will also visit the historic structure in this coming visit.

Fog Machine:

Along walls, trees, flowers there are another thing which will brighten the view of the POTUS during his visit to Gujrat is Fog machine. Fog machines will be activated every day from February 17th 2020 to February 24th 2020 in the early morning. The cost of the fog machines included in the above mentioned 30 crores which are under the beautification costs.


The security the most noticeable preparation among all these. As far, 12,000 police officers are expected to be deployed for the security reason of the President’s visit. In addition, a female IPS officer will lead a 10-member team to coordinate with the US First Lady Melania Trump’s staff. These members took special training for cyber monitoring and talking for the reason also asked to wear trousers and blazers instead of regular khaki dress code.

Better Roads:

Vijay Nehra, The Ahmedabad municipal commissioner said to Reuters, “Eighteen roads- about 20 kilometres (12 miles) in length – from Ahmedabad Airport to Motera Stadium have been widened or re-laid.” Though he asserted that these improvements were well planned before POTUS’s visit was assured. The cost for the up-gradation is considered under Rs 130 crore budget.


President Donald Trump will inaugurate the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera with a capacity of 110,000 spectators in it which will force out the Melbourne Cricket Ground as the world’s largest cricket stadium as well. So, including the overall costs, the secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association has also spent “tens of millions of rupees during the event”.

Written by Swati Suvra

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