‘Indigo’ Tried To Flirt With A Twitter User And Got A Fitting Reply From Her Husband

Arriving TLS after a test flight.

Love is in the air! Social media is brewing in love as everyone is celebrating the day of love today. Couples are going gaga over the love day and are flooding the social media with lovey-dovey posts, pictures and videos expressing their love. Meanwhile, a hilarious conversation between Indigo and Delhi Airpot has gone viral and has left everyone in splits.

It all started when ‘Delhi Airport’ via their official Twitter account posted a flirty tweet for ‘Indigo Airlines’ requesting them to never part ways from them. Delhi Airport wrote:

Hey @IndiGo6E, promise me you’ll never run away from my runway! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020″

Here, check out the Tweet:

To this, Indigo Airlines came up with a cheesy reply as they wrote how Delhi Airport’s love brings them back on-time. With a pinch of humor, Indigo replied:  “@delhiairport Oh darling, your love brings me back on-time, every time! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo,” IndiGo tweeted.

Well, the cheesiest conversation on valentine’s day. Delhi Aiport replied that they have ‘have so many future planes together!’. Delhi Airport tweeted:

Twitterati loved the interaction between the two and soon it was flooded with reactions from Twitterati. Amidst many, a Twitter user came up with a funny response to the cheesy conversation and wrote:

Love is in the air! 💙 “

But seems like the admin of Indigo’s twitter handle was in a romantic mood as Indigo started flirting with the Twitter user as well. Trying to flirt with the Twitter user, Indigo replied: “Love is in the air, but where are you #6EValentine? #ValentinesDay2020 💙”

Here, check out the conversation:

Well, seeing this, the husband of the Twitter user also joined the conversation and warned Indigo to not flirt with his wife. He wrote: “Hey Indigo..dont try to flirt with my wife!”

Here, check out the Tweet:

To this, Indigo came up with a filmy reply and wrote: “jab pyaar kiya toh darrna kya? 😌🤪”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Written by Unnati Madan

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