Teddy Day Special: 8 Funniest Teddy Bear Memes We Found On The Internet

The whole world is celebrating ‘Teddy Bear’ day. It’s a day that is celebrated by lovers by giving ‘teddy bears’ to each other. It might sound funny and weird to those who don’t celebrate Valentines’ week but for those who wait for this time of the year, ‘Teddy Bear Day’ is a very cute and special day.

We, at The Funniest Indian, keep looking for stories that are light-hearted and can entertain our readers i.e. you. Today, while our usual travel on the internet, we found some really cute and funny memes on Teddy Bears.

Even if you don’t celebrate ‘Teddy Day’, we are sure you love teddy bears and enjoy watching their adorable videos on the internet. These teddy bear memes are so funny that you start falling in love with teddies and who knows you might buy a teddy bear for your loved one.

  1. This teddy bear is our favorite because it features the one and only ‘Lio’

2. Because Kangaroos love teddies, too.

3. We have a special appearance by a pig in this list of the best teddy bear memes.


4. All the ‘kinky’ ones would agree.

5. A mom special in the list of the best teddy bear memes.


6. And there’s a grandpa special, too.

7. Do you think she will?

8. All the desi parents would agree.

Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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