17 Confusing And Funny Pictures We Found On The Internet


Pictures are the easiest way to refresh our minds. We all love to click pictures but not everyone is good at clicking pictures. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It is beyond just a click of a button. A lot goes into clicking a perfect picture.

So, now photography is an art and not everyone is an artist. Sometimes some pictures come out in such a that we just can’t stop ourselves from laughing after seeing them.

Today, in this article we bring you a bunch of such weird and poor pictures that you will not be able to stop seeing.

Here, check out some of the most confusing and funniest pictures we found on the internet. Have a look:

1. Look at the hand holding the bag:


2. What the hell is going on here:

3. Whose hand is this?:

4.This cat’s head doesn’t feel right:

5. Omg, hold the baby carefully:


7. Save this dog:

8. LMAO look at the legs:

9. The dog is sitting on the table:

10. Even bananas get angry:

11. The baby looks so cute:

12.So confusing:

13. This isn’t the movie:


14. Where are their legs?:


15. Someone make me understand this:

16. Lol, perfect timing:

17.Bizarre Fashion: