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10 Funniest Tweets On The Upcoming ‘Occasion’ Of Valentines Day

14th of February aka Valentines Day is the most anticipated day for couples all around the globe. They exchange flowers, chocolates and all other kinds of gifts to gesture the appreciation and affection they have for their partners.

However, the same day brings a lot of pain to the other half of the population that does not have a romantic relationship with anyone at the moment.

We dug up some of our favorite tweets, so you can laugh at their expense. 🙂

From the above tweet that user @Jaalya posted, it is a good guess that he will be spending the V-Day alone. We wish you better luck next year @Jaalya.

Check out a few more tweets to find out how the #single deal with Valentines day.

You will know what user @charchitchamp is talking about only if you have also gone for those extra classes on the 14th of February, back when you were in school or college.

On realizing how close the V-Day is, user @srcasticBaniya wasted no time. He is getting ready to join a group, famous for allegedly harassing couples on the big day.

While most plans on Valentines Day involve dinners and proposals, user @maysssss_ has different plans and is also inviting other people to join in.

User @rftte aims to provide a better alternative to your big plans for the day. For just a nominal fee (debatable), they will provide you with beer and tent along with camping and fishing opportunities on the Valentines day weekend. Are you tempted?

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Written by Mithi Akanksha

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