Anand Mahindra Gave A Polite Yet Savage Reply To A Twitter User Who Called Him ‘Stupid’


Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Group, who is very active on the micro-blogging site Twitter recently taught a lesson to a troll. Anand Mahindra gave a very polite yet the most savage reply to a troll who called him “stupid” on Twitter.

Well, today, Anand Mahindra retweeted an article about the Indian economy, Anand Mahindra wrote how he is often accused of being stupidly optimistic. He also expressed that if the trend continues the ‘stupid’ word will be discarded. He wrote:

I’m often accused of being stupidly optimistic. If this trend continues then perhaps the adjective ‘stupid’ will be discarded…😊”

Here, watch the Tweet:


A Twitter user came up with a very rude reply to Anand Mahindra’s Tweet. Looking at his tweet, it seemed like the Twitter user was taking out his frustration via Tweet, where he complained about several things right from the government to electricity. He wrote:

Yes , you are stupid. India cud nt yet arrange for electricity, water, roads and law and order and now Modi & company has made sure that we stay in a turmoil for another 42 months and to add to it Rahul Gandhi , the dumb is leading the opposition

Here, check out the Tweet:

However, Anand Mahindra came up with a very polite yet the most savage reply. In his reply, Anand Mahindra asked the Twitter user if he is optimistic about anything? He wrote:

Your pessimism is quite comprehensive. Is there ANYTHING you are optimistic about? Or have you exiled yourself to a remote cave in the mountains? Let me know if I can get Swiggy to send you a food package! 😊”

Here, check out the Tweet:

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