28 Funny And ‘Why You Do This?’ Pictures We Found On The Internet

In the era of social media, grabbing attention is the sole purpose of the contents of the social platform. Contents like funny images and memes often goes viral from Facebook, Tweeter, Snap Chat, WhatsApp and other social sites. There are few common areas of such funny posts like signboards with wrong spelling, Jugaad  images, nameplates etc. around the country.

Here are few posts, found on social platform which can tickle your funny bones. Have a look.

  1. Who would like to have some witches as their snacks? Only, don’t get scared if they appear in front of you!

2. The innocent animal may not understand rules but following it anyway by standing on a ticket line!

3. You will be punished by either way for swimming in this river, ‘Checkmate’ indeed!

4. Do not even try to understand who is who after reading this frightening English!

5. Desi ishhtyle! ‘Wiskee’, ‘Child Beer’, ‘Jin’, ‘Vadka’ available here in Punjab!

6. It is India where Jugaad also considered as an art of living!

7. Shouldn’t it be other way round but a good sarcasm as well!

8. A good ‘NITE’ advice by the truck driver!

9. ‘Jugaad’ in the summer be like…

10. Well, Raj will follow the same for sure, but the decoration board shouldn’t be that much real anyway.

11. Entrance or exit, it seems dangerous really!!

12. Lack of grammar knowledge mislead a message like this!

13. Where system failure is also an official phenomenon that they made a dedicated sign for the problem!

14. A horrible mistake!

15. As we taught, locking is the one and only way to secure your samaan.

16. What can possibly go right for such claim! Don’t even want to know!

17. Puja path for a safe journey in the air, what could possibly go wrong even it is in the Runway!

18. Technically, road tax is lesser than the roadside shop tax!

19. A memorable wedding day family photo! Specially, the matching face mask of the newly wedded couple.

20. Confused between cloning and road constructions!

21. Enjoy the fullest within the limit, the simple feeling called ‘Joy’

22. Imaginative modification of Maruti 800!

23. Satisfactory thing, there is progress in the work at least.

24. Granny on Dhoom 4, that is a rare view you cannot see every day!

25. An honest approach, yet too much information!

26. Ever wonder found Star Bucks on baga beach, Goa like this!!

27. What if there is mandatory signboard for the cause? How creepy that would be as well.

28. Yah! you saw it write ‘Water with H2O’!! we wonder what was it before in the bottle?

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Written by Swati Suvra

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