Swiggy Explained Why Their Online Rates Are Higher Than The Restaurants Rates

Thanks to the food delivery applications like Swiggy and Zomato, we can get our food at our doorsteps with a click. However, Swiggy has been making a lot of news after they recently increased the charges of its ‘Swiggy Super’ subscription plan.

Recently, Swiggy accepted the fact that in some cases its online menu rates might actually be higher than those being offered by restaurants.

Well, a Twitter user made a Tweet regarding his disappointment with the prices of food items in the Zomato or Swiggy menu, which are sometimes more than the actual prices of the same restaurants. The Twitter user wrote:

“Slowly big discounts are coming down. In fact prices of food items in zomato or swiggy menu are 25 to 50% more than actual price of the same at restaurant. Delivery charges added. Home made food will always prevail.”

Here, check out his Tweet:

Swiggy was quick to take notice of the Tweet and come up with a reply. In their reply, the Swiggy explained the reason behind the difference in offline and online prices. They stated that they want to maintain transparency in their services. They wrote:

Hi Raju, we understand your concern, and would like to inform you that we’re trying to maintain transparency in our services & that extends to the pricing on the platform. However, the prices might be different online & offline as it is the sole discretion of the restaurant without any added input from our end. Have a good day ahead. ^Meg”

Here, check out the reply of Swiggy:

For your information, earlier this month, Swiggy increased the rates of its ‘Swiggy Super’ monthly subscription plan of 79 to almost double of it 149. Also, the three-month plan will now be charged at 349 instead of 179.

Written by Unnati Madan

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