Anand Mahindra Shared A “Clever” Math Shortcut And SRK Is Very Impressed With It

While growing up, we all had our own tricks and shortcuts to solve our maths problems. But a new trick has been going viral on the Internet and we are wondering why didn’t we learn the trick during our schooltime.

Well, the video was shared by none other than the Chairman and CEO of Mahindra Groups, Anand Mahindra via his official Twitter handle. As per Anand Mahindra, he received the video on WhatsApp.

In the viral video, a Maths teacher can be seen trying to explain to her students the multiplication table of 9 but with a great twist to it. The trick which just involves the use of our fingers. The teacher in the video can be seen explaining the easiest way to learn the table of 9, one only need to consider the number which is being multiplied with 9 and count the fingers before and after that number to get the answer.

The video has gone insanely viral on social media and has been making rounds on the internet. People on Twitterati are very impressed with the video.

Sharing the video, Anand Mahindra wrote:

Whaaaat? I didn’t know about this clever shortcut. Wish she had been MY math teacher. I probably would have been a lot better at the subject!”

Here, check out the Tweet of Anand Mahindra:

The video was even retweeted by Shah Rukh Khan. The King Khan of Bollywood was very impressed with the video and wrote how the video has helped him solve many of his life’s issues. He wrote:

“Can’t tell you how many of my life’s issues this one simple calculation has solved wow!”

Here, check out the Tweet of Shah Rukh Khan:

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

Written by Unnati Madan

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