5 Times Our TV Stars Gave It Back To The Trolls


The world of Indian Television shows and series has a fan following of its own and so do the stars who are cast in them. While some of them get their fair share of stardom, many of them are also criticized by the netizens. Though most of the time they turn a deaf ear to that, on occasions these celebrities also show that they are human only and react or reply to these tweets and comments in a very general way. In the following lines, we will look at some of these tweets and replies which the TV stars gave to the trolls they had to face from the Netizens.

Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is one of the most successful celebrities in the country at the moment and is known for her love of clicking selfies and posting them on Instagram. However, she lashed out at the likes of Kiku Sharda and Gaurav Gera after the comedians made fun of her short height on their show and posted her response on Instagram as well.

Mahhi Vij


The actress was body-shamed after she gained a significant amount of weight after giving birth to her baby girl. This caught Mahhi’s attention to the user. She asked the user that was his mother became thin after delivering him. She also asked the followers to think before representing a mother in an inappropriate way. Mahhi wrote, “Don’t ask me what kind of a mother I am. I wish I could ask your mother, what kind of a child you are.” Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali became parents of a baby girl on August 21 of the previous year.


Nia Sharma:

The TV actress was called the “ugliest celebrity in the world” by a tweeter user who wrote, “One of the most overrated and ugliest so-called celebrity on Earth is #NiaSharma but full marks to her PR for making her so into news for no reason. In Mumbai Bhelpuri walas earns more than her.” Many users lashed back for the support of the actress.

Later, Nia replied within her manner and replied, “I have No PR team to this day babe! i’m a natural I guess.”


The actress was trolled by a netizen who called her a fat bull (moti saandh). She spoke to that person directly via Instagram and gave her a mouthful for her irrational behaviour on the social media platform also shared the screenshot of the conversation on the same platform.


Hina Khan:

The Big Boss 11 contestant has been one of the most trolled actresses on the small screen. From clothes to figure, there is mot an aspect where she has not been trolled. However, she had a reply ready for all her haters, which goes like this, ” Clothes don’t make a style statement ur personality does… otherwise, all designers wud b wearing and walking the ramp in their own designs.. bye the way she’s the designer herself it’s her piece designers WANT to source the clothes to only a few actors.”


From the above instances, it is very much clear that the TV actors are human only and get disturbed by nonsense like trolls and body shaming posts. So it is better for the Netizens to refrain from doing the same.