20 People Who Were Unlucky To The Core

Luck clicks for the right place at the right time. One may miss the perfect joy of the moment for a fraction of second. Few misses become hilarious, few became a tragedy and few become epic like followings. We are going to share such unlucky moments which are funny mostly. You might relate from several like these with your own story too.

Have a look.

1. ‘How I met the President’, an epic luck.

2. A perfect shot in the price of teeth or the lense of the photographer.

3. Some fails are dangerous as it could be!

4. When the waiting numbers are on waiting for God knows how long!

5. And the Mother promised she could hold it safe!

6. French fry Indeed!

7. A selfie with a missing frog prince

8.’Humpty-Dumpty’s had a great fall from the truck on the road.

9. Grandmother get it right in a creative way.

10. In the name of ‘Air Bun’, It baked literally.

11. A piece of lemon luck! Nature’s made its own Comedy.

12. Mondays are like this messy!

13. The definition of chasing by bad luck.

14. Two Shirts Vs 18 Kg of Price tags.

15. Missed the Ice cone but got a perfect Insta-shot.

16. Embarrassment on a hurry! She had no clue of it!

17. Brothers Luck! The lottery draw on the same day.

18. A painful tragedy! Only the sufferer will know!

19. Yumms with a new blend of cellophane and paper!

20. What if the daughter left it on the seat! Think the worse thing can happen and be happy.

Written by Swati Suvra

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