Netizens Are Taking ‘Koala Challenge’ To Raise Funds For Australian Bush fire Victims

A drought period and record-breaking dry weather caused a massive bush fire in Australia. Popular destinations like Kangaroo Island, Tathra Beach, Blue Mountains, Canberra Wildlife Sanctuary, Mallacoota’s scenic town, Mogo wildlife park, Victoria’s Sarsfield and many other lands are now turned into ashes for the bushfire burning for months now. The deadly fire caused people lives, their living places, greenery turned into ashes. Mostly a billion animal died by burning, feared by the flames or engulfing emitted fumes. This massive fire catastrophe has discharged more than 250m tons of carbon-di-oxide alone. Near half of Australia’s annual emissions of CO2 emitted within the shortest period of time by the bushfire.

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KOALA CARE 🐨 Sending love and so much gratitude to all those caring for injured koalas and all wildlife right now. ❤️🐨The carers, the volunteers, the vets and the ‘hearts of gold’ folk who happen upon the injured koalas in the bush. Seeing the koalas hurting is hard to accept and if I’m honest no amount of fundraising seems enough. This should never have happened. They are such innocent victims. But we are making a huge difference for their future 🐨❤️ Thank YOU for opening your hearts and caring! If you would like to make a difference these are wildlife rescue services doing an amazing job @wildlifevictoria @kiwildlifepark @kangarooislandwildlifenetwork @1300koalaz @adelaidekoalarescue …. or, you can donate to my fundraiser for WIRES by hitting the link in my bio or swiping up in stories. I’ll be closing this soon ❤️🐨 #koala #bushfiresaustralia

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The world has responded generously for this drastic situation. International celebrities and public figures have donated millions for the cause. Many of them started campaigning to raise more funds and asked their fans to lend helping hand in any possible way to mobilize the recovery mission. People across the world are taking innovative ways to raise fund for the affected people. Many models are selling specified photos to raise the fund on the social platform.

In the support of the novel cause, ‘FITAID’, a fitness beverage company initiated ‘Koala Challenge’ by asking people to hang on a bench like Koala on a bench. Post a video on social media. Each Koala Challenge completion will generate $5 for the victims of bushfire as reported in Inside.

Fit enthusiasts around the world are taking ‘Koala Bear Challenge’ to raise the fund for Australia. The challenge goes a step further by hanging on a human body instead of a bench. Have a look.

Koala Bears move slowly by nature. As a result 25000 Koala Bear died in Australia as they were unable to escape faster from the bushfire. This adorable little creature usually hangs on to the branches with their hands and head placed in an upside-down position. Koala Bear Challenges are inspired by the same. Would you like to take this challenge too?

Written by Swati Suvra

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