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PoK Minister Tried To Act ‘Aggressive’ But Got Trolled By Indians On Twitter

Pakistanis are getting in the position of hilarious mastery in every way possible. Is it the foolishness or the simplicity of their nature, that’s not sure but they keep doing it and we keep getting amused. Indian Army Chief briefed that if the Parliament gives order and agrees then Indian army is ready to take back Pakistan occupied Kashmir, i.e., PoK. Right after this, Mushtaq Minhas, PoK minister took to tweeter for threatening General MM Naravane, Indian Army Chief by saying, “General Manoj Mukund Naravane, we are waiting”.

By the PoK Minister’s words, it’s not clear that whether he is eagerly anticipating for PoK to come back in India again or asking Indian army Chief in there. The thing that made the most hilarious was his look in Tweeter post, where Mushtaq Minhas is holding a bird hunting shotgun in a way which is not inspiring the motive at all unless it’s looking to be a very unknowing attempt of welcoming Indian Army. His attire of wearing a track pant, fedora hat showcased him as a regular retired old man enjoying the relaxed time after-work life, which is far from showing any frightening or threatening avatar in comparison to what he has claimed in Tweet post.

Even his own country Pakistan’s people got embarrassed by such post.

PUBG fighters have better options for fighting.

Someone remembered a game from child hood by the post

PoK Minister’s shotgun holding photo can be compared with Elmer Fudd from the cartoon Bugs Bunny.

And as always reactions got creative!


Written by Swati Suvra

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