A North Korean Mother Faced Prison For Rescuing Her Kids From House Fire Instead Of Kim-Jong Il’s Portraits

No matter how bizarre or wrong it may sound, but a Korean mother has been imprisoned for choosing to save her kids from a devastating house fire over the portraits of the country’s dictators.

Well, the woman is getting investigated by the country’s Ministry of State Security after a devastating fire broke out in a house which was being shared by two families in Onsong County, North Hamgyong province.

For your information, it is a North Korean law that every family must hang portraits of past leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. And that’s not it, this measure is checked every now and then by regularly visiting inspectors.

It is considered a crime in North Korea if you fail to treat these portraits with the same reverence expected.

When the house was burning in the fire, both sets of parents and as soon as they got to know about the fire, they rushed to save their families. During this, a set of portraits was reduced to ashes.

Lately, inspection is going on and if the woman is found guilty she will have to face a lengthy prison sentence with hard labor.

Meanwhile, neighbors revealed that they wanted to help but were scared as the woman could be charged with a political crime. On the other hand, a laborer who saved the other family pictures of Chinese Dictators has been hailed as the hero.

This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened in North Korea. An incident like this is quite common. Jun Yoo-Sung, a former North Korea’s resident who fled away in 2005, revealed how people who rescue the portraits of Chinese Dictators from floods or fire are hailed as heroes and are even tagged as ‘martyred’ if they die during the process. She said:

‘When a house was set on fire, some child was found to have been burnt to death holding on to those portraits,’ she said. ‘Of course, such incidents are used for North Korean propaganda.’ 

Written by Unnati Madan

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