30 Things That Will You Feel Nostalgic About 90s


If you were born before 2000, you probably had a memorable childhood that consisted of McDonald’s play areas, painstakingly making mix CDs, renting video cassettes, and many other things that seem more like a joke in today’s world.

Here, in this article, we bring you 30 things that will make you nostalgic about your childhood. Have a look:

1. This is how we remembered the song number on our CDs:

2. This is how we used to keep our CDs safe:


3. Fitting the whole Discman in our pocket was a real struggle:

4. We all had a collection of cassettes:

5.Chandler and Rachel explaining to us how to use Windows 95:

6. Light grey keyboards:

7. Rolling up and down a car window was a real struggle:

8. The weirdest ways of expressing our love:

9. Pizza Hut’s iconic drinking glasses:

10. The legendary Crayola stamp markers:

11. Troll pencil-toppers:

12. These slides were love:

13. Happy meal:

14. This is where and why the destroyed jeans started:

15. Our book of stickers:

16. Playing games like ‘Office-Office’, ‘Ghar-ghar’ and many more with proper sets and props:

17. This is how we used to block someone:

18. Cootie Catchers:

19. Keeping the mouse clean helped it work smoothly:

20. The TV with the built-in VCR.

21. Choosing between these styles was a real struggle:

22. Okay, this looks so hilarious now:

23. Our screensavers used to look like this:

24. This is how we used to pass our times during boring lectures:

25. One missing piece of this pencil used to ruin our whole pencil:

26. Play station 1:

27. The game we were addicted to:

28. Watching movies in school used to be a big thing for us:

29. The struggle was real:

30. Smartwatch of 90s: