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Wasim Akram Lost His Watch In a Flight And Twitterati Came Up Hilarious Suggestions

Things get significant on the basis of one’s use but it becomes precious when someone owns it by family inheritance. Irrespective of being a celebrity or common people, losing something that carries family memories is enough reason to give them a nightmare. Losing things like that on a journey in the airlines is a total mess. There are many incidents where lost things and luggages may not found again and many exception as well. You may relate to many stories like that around.

Former Pakistani cricket captain and commentator, Wasim Akram tweeted about losing his watch on an Emirates Airline while on a Dubai trip. The sports personality shared his distress about the watch which he lost while boarding the flight. He tweeted about the loss tagging the Airline operator. The veteran specified the loss by mentioning the watch was his ‘Family Heirloom’.

The Emirates Support tweeted back on the post to the former cricketer by asking his flight detail, mail address regarding the loss. Akram’s tweet also expel the dissatisfied customer support in Dubai.

The Pakistani bowling legend’s tweet later got vivid response from his followers. Some offer him to gift a new one while others ask him to buy the brand new models.

A loss is real for those who went through it. We can only wish that the cricketer finds his lost watch anyway.

Written by Swati Suvra

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