Twitterati Can’t Stop Trolling Mary Kom After She Refused To Shake Hands With Nikhat Zareen


Six-time world champion Mary Kom (51kg category) continued to dominate in the ring, as she defeated Nikhat Zareen in the 51kg selection trials for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers next year on Saturday. Though she won the match, but she broke many hearts with her gesture towards Nikhat Zareen.

Well, as the referee declared Mary Kom as the winner on the basis of a split 9-1 decision, Mary ignored Nikhat and neither shook hands with Nikhat nor hugged her in the customary fashion. Check out the video:

There were also allegations that Mary Kom used foul words during the game for Nikhat. When asked about the same to Nikhat, she said:

 “Yeah yeah. In the ring she used some bad word for me and I don’t want to react on that because that’s okay. I did not like how she behaved with me because when the decision was announced and I tried to hug her she did not hug me back. Being a junior I expect seniors to respect juniors too. But I don’t mind,”


She added:

“I only respect her because she is my senior and a legend. So no doubt, I respect her. I won’t want to react on what happened.”

Later, Mary Kom revealed that she did that on purpose as she felt that Nikhat didn’t show enough respect for her during the whole time and it was difficult for her to reciprocate. She said:

Why should I shake her hand? What is it to her? If she respects me then I will respect (her). If not, how can I respect? (She’s) talking too much in front of the media. She was telling me ‘she is my idol, she is my icon’. Then? This is how a humane behaviour? I don’t like such things.”

Here, check out the video of the same:

Her gesture towards her junior didn’t go down well with her fans, who are now slamming her left, right and center. Twitterati are disappointed as this sort of behavior wasn’t expected from the legendary boxer.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this: