10 Worst Passwords Of 2019


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This year’s leaked passwords list again revealed that people are still using the all-time common and easily guessable passwords. A large portion of people still use passwords like “password” and “123456”

The data has been analyzed from the annual list of worst passwords which assesses more than 5 million leaked passwords all over to compile this list.

There are some newcomers to the list, like “qwertyuiop” and also several number sequences such as “7777777” – seven times seven! The password “password” fell two places in this year’s list to number 4, while “123456” and “123456789” again managed to make their place in the list.

So, let’s have a look now, what most people came up with their creative passwords, the worst of all!!

  1. 123123

This passcode was at 17th spot in the last year’s list, and now has jumped up 7 spots to reach on number 10.

  1. 111111

While some people realized to not keep this their password, as this got down by 3 places from 12 to 3 this year. The others are still relying on this.

  1. iloveyou

You too must have come across some person in your life who keeps their password in the names of their one-sided love, crushes on and on… So, how could this be missed from this list. Here comes, I love you 3000!

  1. 12345

Count up till 5. Yes, that is what our next password is. 1 2 3 4 5 and that’s it. This has fallen from the fifth-place last year to seventh this time.

  1. 12345678

And the count goes on, this time till 8. This too has fallen two places from four to two this time.

  1. 1234567

Just count a number lesser this time, till the Dhoni’s number SEVEN. They might be some big Dhoni fans. Who knows?

  1. password

Here comes our very own password. How can a password not be a password, when it itself justifies- “How creative!”. Well, it has gone down by 2 from 2 this time.

Time for the top three:

  1. qwerty

From the origin of qwerty keypad, this password has refused to just go out of this list, and is making its way to the top. It has risen 6 spots to reach in the top 3 this year.

  1. 123456789

Just a zero missing, else all single digits would have been covered here. No good Aryabhata fans here maybe? It has risen from third to gain the second spot.

  1. 123456

Here comes the king of all passwords, which has refused to give up its throne down to anyone. This password has remained unchanged from the last year’s list.

Seeing this list feels that people should definitely stop taking security shortcuts. Below is the list of top 25 worst passwords, have a look.

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So, you guys also share it with us. What are the worst passwords you have come across in your lives?