Bollywood Make Up Artists Charge A Hefty Amount Per Session


Agree or not but beauty lies in ‘details’ these days. Behind the stunning beauty of our favorite Bollywood actresses that we see on the big screens, the makeup artists have a huge role to play. Without the brilliance of these make-up artists, our favorite Bollywood stars would look like common people.

From making them looking stunning for the red carpets, to doing their make-up according to the character they are playing be it a girl next door or a ghost on screen, the roles of the make-up artists aren’t just confined to making them look beautiful, it’s way beyond it.

However, if you are wondering how much it costs to get make-up done by these popular celebrities make up artists, then your eyes will pop out seeing the cost of one sitting. Have a look:

1. Namrata Soni:


From Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor to many more leading ladies in her client list, Namrata Soni is one of the leading make-up artists of Bollywood. She charges 40k per sitting.

2. Micky Contractor:

The most sought after and known celebrity make up artists, who has worked with almost every big name in Bollywood. His charges start from 25k onwards.

3. Cory Walia:

Cory Walia is known for making brides look heavenly. He is the man behind most of the bridal look we have seen in movies. His services start from 20-25k onwards.

4. Ambika Pillai:

Ambika Pillai came to be known after she did Aishwarya Rai’s make-up for Miss World and has never looked back ever since. She charges 25k per sitting.

5. Abhijeet Chanda:

Known for doing magic with his make-up brushes, Abhijeet Chanda is one of the leading celebrity makeup artists. He charges 30k per sitting. 

6. Ojas Rajani:

Ojas Rajini is quite a favorite of many Bollywood stars. She has been working in the industry for years styling models and Bollywood actresses.

7. Daniel Bauer:

Daniel is another leading celebrity make-up artist who has worked with many Bollywood stars and has made them look gorgeous. He charges 75k to 1 lakh per sitting.