10 Funniest Yet Entertaining Pictures That We Found On The Internet

Well, they say, laughing is and will always be the best therapy. However, in this fast life of ours, we don’t get enough time to sit and relax, forget laughing our hearts out. That is the reason why stand-p comedy has become so popular. People can now take some time out and spend an evening laughing while watching the stand-up. What can be a perfect evening than this?

However, it is not possible for everyone to take some time out of our busy schedule. Also, not everyone can afford expensive tickets for these programs. But thanks to the internet, we can always have our dose of entertainment by just clicking a button.

From comedy shows to viral memes and videos, there is plenty of stuff on social media that not just keeps us hooked with social media but also provides some relaxation to our minds.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the funniest and entertaining pictures that we found on the internet. Have a look:

  1. WTF was the driver eating?

2. It’s not just a word but an emotion:

3. No matter what vehicle you are on, don’t drink and drive:

4. So is it a compliment or an insult:

5. Now dare to steal it:

6. Neighboring countries protecting their hand-pumps from Sunny Deol:

7. Jab mil baithengey teen yaaar:

8. When they say “humari ladki toh gaay hai gaay”

9. Because cricket is love:

10. Genius:


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