A Congress Supporter Tried To Troll Smriti Irani But Got It Back From The Fiery Minister

A lot has been happening in the nation, lately, ever since the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Protests that were earlier initiated by the students of various universities are being now being joined by people across the nation including prominent people and Bollywood celebrities as well

Amidst all this, a video of Bollywood actor and director, Farhan Akhtar has gone viral which was posted by a Twitter user named Rahul Kaushik. In the video, Farhan Akhtar can be seen answering a few questions of the media during the protests. The twitter user has hilariously edited some parts of the video and added a funny scene from the movie ‘Bunty aur Babli’. Sharing the video, he wrote:

Listen to
.He just made me recall this legendary scene from Bunty Aur Babli! 不不不”

Here, check out his tweet:

The tweet went so viral that it caught the attention of Smriti Irani, who is very active on her twitter handle. Expressing her thoughts on the video, Smriti Irani used a facepalm emoji and wrote:

Whattay…… 丹儭”

Here, check out her tweet:

Meanwhile, a Twitter user tried to troll her by asking her to not act smart. However, in his tweet, the Twitter user went on to call Smriti Irani as a “girl”. He wrote:

“Ab tu jyada shatir mat ban ladki”

Here, check out his Tweet:

Smriti Irani was quick to notice the troll and come up with a reply. Instead of getting angry or disappointed, Smriti Irani was left in splits after reading “ladki”. Replying the troller, she wrote:

Twitterati loved her reply to this. Check out the reaction of Twitterati on this:


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