15 Things We Can Do In India But Can’t Even Try Abroad

Often we see people cribbing about how perfect life is abroad because of so many things that you can do there and not in India. This is one of the reasons why almost everyone wants to head overseas.

But believe it or not, there are tons of things that we can do here in India but can’t even think of trying them abroad. We are so habitual of doing these things that if we try any of them abroad, we might get ourselves in trouble. While some of them are surprising and interesting, a few of them are pure cheeky.

Have a look at the things that you can do in India but can’t even try abroad:

1. Cross a busy road:

In India, everyone is in so much hurry that no one has the time to wait for the signal to turn red. And people might stare at you like you’re out of your mind if you wait for the traffic signal to turn red. However, the concept of zebra crossing really exists in abroad.

2. Live with Parents:

Usually, it is looked down upon if you are living with your parents. The moment one turns old enough, you move out of their house. However, it is complete opposite in India. The longer you live with your parents, the more ‘Sanskaari’ you are.

3. Play gully cricket:

Well, agree or not, playing gully cricket with our friends is one of the most cherished memories of our childhood.

4. Head wobble:

Well, the people around the world shake our head sideways to say “no” and up and down to signify a ‘yes’. However, we Indians have the strangest ways to wobble our heads, which usually leaves the other person confused.

5. Have a distinct term for all relatives:

Chacha ji, bua ji, mama ji, foofa ji, and so on…we Indians have so many distinct terms for all our relatives. However, there are only uncles, aunts and cousins in abroad.

6. Bargaining shamelessly:

Bargaining is our birthright, this is what almost every Indian thinks. We can bargain for anything, anywhere, anytime!

7. Eat spicy food:

We are used to spicy food so much so that we will order spicy Indian food only even if we are out abroad. However, people abroad don’t like eating spicy food.

8. Eating with hands:

Food tastes better when we eat it with our hands, this is what every Indian believes. However, this is disgusting in the eyes of people living abroad.

9. Marrying the person of your parents choice:

Well, we Indians still trusts our parents that they will find a perfect match for us. Arrange marriages are very popular in India. However, this concept doesn’t exist abroad.

10. Landing up at each other’s home without invitation or informing beforehand:

We Indians are very social. We love giving surprise visits to our relatives and friends. Indians just pay a visit as and when they want to.

11.Have names with deep meanings:

Indian spends a lot of their time in deciding the name of their kids, which always have some deep meaning behind it. However, people have the simplest of names abroad.

12. Jugaad:

We Indians are the masters of jugaad, we can find the easiest of ways to fix things up.

13. There’s always space for one more:

Be it an auto, bus or train, we Indians can adjust anywhere. No matter how badly occupied a space is, we can make space for one more to adjust in there.

14. Measure distance in time:

We probably are the only ones in the world who measure distance in time. Ask any Indian ‘how far a particular place is?” the answer will be “5 minutes” or ” 10 minutes”.

15. Love doing sex but talking about it is a taboo!:

Well, just say the word “sex” and get ready to get deadly stares from everyone.


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