20 Funniest Pictures Of Humans Posing With Statues

The Internet is filled with creative people. Every day we see pictures and videos going viral on social media because of its creativity. These creative minds on social media make our stay on social media even more interesting and entertaining. Creative minds can do great things with their imaginations.

There have been many instances when creative minds have ruled the internet with their creativity. Here, in this article, we bring you some of the most creative and funniest pictures of humans posing with statues. These people are taking ‘posing with statues’ to just another level and we are in awe of their imagination power.

Have a look:

1. Taking from the Colonel:

2. Lady kissing the statue:

3. Wow, perfectly clicked:

4. Kicking the statue:

5. What is so shocking?



8. Man posing with the violent angel:

9. Getting spanked by a statue:


11. Checking some important mails with a statue:

12. Haha:

13. An old man being naughty at the Wax Statue:

14. Man laughing out loud with a statue:

15. Man mimicking a bear statue:

16. Ouch, poor statue:

17. Infant playing in a statue:

18. Ummm…

19. Why? Why? Why?:

20. LMAO:

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