These 10 Pictures Prove That Expectation Is Always Better Than Reality

They say, life is full of surprises but let’s face it, not all surprises are awesome. There’s a lot of difference in our expectations and the reality of life. We all can relate to those awkward and heart-breaking moments when the reality has crushed our expectations.

Be it imaging how a dress would like on you or a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it hurts when the reality fails to meet our expectations.

Here, in this article, we bring you the best of expectation vs reality pictures, that will hit you hard. Have a look:

1. The sad reality of today’s world. The beautiful nature is getting ruined because of some unchangeable habits of humans:


2. We often expect to click some dreamy pictures of our favorite places in the city, however, our favorite places are always crowded and it becomes almost impossible for us to fulfill our expectations:

3. The same thing happens with Temples and Gurudwaras:

4. We all expect just way too much when it comes to enjoying in snow, however, our expectations shatters into pieces once we witness the crowd:

5. Expectations are to enjoy the view of our beautiful monuments but we always end up capturing the pictures of the monuments and forget about enjoying the moment. 

6. Some places are so crowded that we fail to witness the true beauty of that place.

7. The bitter truth, we humans have ruined everything and all we do is complaint about such things when we see them:

8. Expectations are always better than the reality:

9. Enjoying the sunset? Well not possible in the crowded beaches of India:

10. We expect way too much, don’t we?:


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