Twitterati Came Up With Hilarious Answers After Zomato Asks ‘What’s Craziest Things You’ve Done To Get Free Food’

Zomato is one of the leading homegrown restaurant search and food delivery platform. Apart from delivering us some really delicious food, Zomato’s quirky &  witty tweets always keep us hooked on the internet.

From telling netizens “kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye” to asking them “most creative restaurant names”, Zomato has always left netizens intrigued with its online presence.

Recently, Zomato asked a simple question on Twitter which has now created a lot of buzzes. Zomato posted a tweet asking the craziest thing one has done to acquire free food. Zomato wrote:

what is the craziest thing you’ve done to get free food?🤔”

Here, check out the tweet:

Netizens soon flooded the tweet with their hilarious responses. From gatecrashing a wedding to trolling the delivery boys of Zomato, Netizens came up with the funniest answers to this question.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

After getting craziest reply Zomato India introduced their new offer to Netizens. As per their new offer, Netizens will get free food if not delivered on time. The tweet read:

Thank you for the creative replies, everyone. Here’s another way: opt-in for On-Time or Free when you order online! (and hope that your order runs late).”

Here, check out the tweet:

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