BJP’s Tajinder Bagga Gave A Hilarious Reply To Shehla Rashid’s “Amit Shah Should Resign” Tweet

Jamia Milia Islamia University has become the center of controversy after Sunday’s protest against the Citizen Amendment Act, which was recently passed in both the Houses of Parliament.

The silent protest took a violent turn taken a violent turn, thus leading to Delhi Police allegedly entering the campus and even beating up the students. From students pelting stones and destroying public properties to Delhi Police coming up with “laathi charge”, a lot has been going there in the capital of the nation.

More than 400 students and alumni from a number of prestigious Universities have asked the Home Minister Amit Shah to look into the brutality being done by the Police on students, protesting against protesters opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or step down.

The students have also demanded to take: an “immediate, independent, and robust investigation into the abuse of power by the Delhi Police, Uttar Pradesh Police, and the Central Reserve Police Force”.

However, since no step has been taken till now, even after three days of the protests, people on social media started demanding resignation from Amit Shah.

Amidst all of them, activist Shehla Rashid also took to her Twitter and wrote: “Amit Shah should resign”.

Here, check out her Tweet:

Her Tweet didn’t go down well with Twitterati, who are trolling her left and right. Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, the spokesperson of BJP, also took to his twitter and hilariously trolled Shehla Rashid for her Tweet.

In his tweet, Tajinder Bagga wrote that Amit Shah will resign from his post but after 10 years and wil then take oath as the PM. He wrote:

Amit shah will Resign after 10 Years as HM and take oath as PM. Khush?

Here, check out the reply of Tajinder Bagga:

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