20 Hilarious Lines On Auto-Rickshaws That Proves Indian-Auto Drivers Are The Funniest


Though the time has changed a lot, now we prefer traveling via cabs like ola and Uber instead of rickshaws or auto-rickshaws. But auto-rickshaws still comes to our rescue at times of need as not everyone can afford cabs. And unlike cabs, auto-rickshaws drop us on on our destination anytime without having to wait or going through the pre-booking process.

From carrying some of the most hilarious slogans to carrying some important messages in funniest ways, sometimes, these auto-rickshaws can be very funny creatures as well.

Here, in this article, we bring you some hilarious lines inscribed on some rickshaws. Have a look:

1. No Smoking No Kissing: Especially for those who believe in the public display of affection.:


2. Too Fast Too Fures- RIP English:

3. Welcome to your lover’s nest – a perfect invitation for lovers looking out for space to enjoy:

4. Consultation fees for Bangaluru Bevaarsi Baba = Rs. 1000000/:

5. “Bada hokar truck banunga‘ Tempo’s aspirational dreams:

6. Thus, auto: Sheer truth and funny too:

7. I miss my miss: Auto Driver doing some PDA for his girlfriend:

8. Satya-vachchan:

9. Definition of Love by an auto-rickshaw driver:

10. Never underestimate an auto’s dream:

11. Auto-driver turned ‘love-guru’:

12. Never “belve Chowmen girles”: