20 Pictures That Reflect The Funniest Side Of India


Besides the beautiful Taj Mahal, there are many things that you will only find in India. From funny slogans behind the trucks to desi people doing hilarious things, Indians have no competition around the world when it comes to being weird and funny at the same.

Here, in this article, we bring you a few pictures of hilarious things that you will only find in India:

1 Because we treat animals more like our friends and vice versa.:

2. Khatron ke khiladi:


3. Watching TV serial is more important than what’s going around the world:

4. Mini bus:

5. The most loyal traffic cop:

6. We can sleep anywhere, at any time:

7. Facebook obsessed India:

8. Nation of Tigers:

9. The condition of our trains is just like our Economy:

10. We don’t trust ANYONE, when it comes to slippers:

11. Desi McDonalds during Navratre:

12. We love reinventing things:

13. Sorry, you won’t find solid tea here:

14. We have areas that are accident p*rn:

15. Lol:

16. VIP Toilet with high-end facilities:

17. Our world revolves around that spoon:

18. We know the best way to use technology:

19. Wait..what?

20. Tiny Ti*s School: