Zomato Asked People To Share Most Creative Restaurant Names And Got Hilarious Replies

We Indians are the most creative creatures and funny to. However, we mess up badly when we try to be both at the same time. And no one can understand this better than Zomato.

Recently, Zomato took to their twitter’s official account and asked a very interesting question to their followers but only to regret later. Zomato asked “What is the most creative restaurant name you’ve ever come across?” and the responses they got on their tweet will make you feel like we have been living in a parallel world.

Here, check out the tweet of Zomato India:

Well, Twitter being a funny place, never fails to entertain us with its hilarious and witty content.  Twitterati came up with hilarious responses to the tweet that are too funny to be missed. From ‘Frying Nemo’ to ‘Ram Bharose’ and ‘Second Wife’, people came up with hilarious yet weird names that will make your day.

Here, check out the hilarious reactions of Twitterati on this:

1. Somewhere in Delhi:

2. LMAO:

3. The cafe which is fully fed up:

4. Too Bizarre:

5. The restaurant which is running “Ram Bharose”

6. For those with the fast internet and slow hands:

7. Wait, what?

8. The owner is too filmy:

9. We can hear this pic:

10. Full plate of half-girlfriend:

11. Epic:

12. Pure vegetarian, yeah right:

13. Engineer Biryani:

14.No point for guessing where it is:

15. Cafe especially for second wives:

16. Faltu snacks:



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