Apple’s ‘Anti-Loss’ Straps Being Trolled Online For Turning AirPods Back Into Regular Earphones

And we have come full circle. As consumers, we have gone from headphones and earphones to wireless headphones. Well, seems like the people who were earlier very excited to show-off their AirPods are now very scared of losing them.

The primary draw of AirPods, that attracted people to buy AirPods was that they are lightweight and wireless, and it seems like this has now become a problem as people are scared of losing them for the same reason.

Unfortunately, we discovered a few companies who are tapping into their fears and are selling straps for the air pods, so that they don’t lose them.

Well, we aren’t joking. After coming this long, from earphones to floating AirPods, why do AirPods need a strap?  Doesn’t a strap will make it look like regular earphones?

As per the reviews, people are rooting for the earphone straps as they are scared of losing them.

Well, we are not the only one who thinks this is stupid, Twitterati agrees with us. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this: Well, capitalism-never change. Can we please bring back the walkman and cassettes now?

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