Baby Born With A ‘Batman Scar’, Becomes The Favorite Superhero Of The Internet

When the baby is born, the moment becomes the happiest moment of their parent’s lives and the moment gets etched to their heart forever. However, it was a moment of shock for the parents of baby Luna as she was born with a black mark across her face.

Luna Fenner was born with a congenital melanocytic nevus, “a skin condition characterized by an abnormally dark, noncancerous skin patch (nevus) that is composed of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes.”

While many parents, with a heavy heart, chose to ignore the scar and let their kids embrace the scar, it was a different case for Baby Luna’s parents. Luna’s mother,  Carol Fenner decided to get her baby rid of the scar and for that, she flew halfway across the globe, from Florida to Russia, in search of the best surgeon.

Talking to a British agency, South West News Service (SWNS), Luna’s mother revealed that she was in complete shock when her now almost 7-month-old daughter was born. She stated that it took several days for doctors to determine what the marking was caused by. She said:

“My last ultrasound before the birth had revealed nothing abnormal,”

Furthermore, she said that baby Luna was completely healthy when she arrived but the scar covered a third of her face. The scar had an uncanny resemblance with that of Batman mask and people started calling her a little superhero.

As per the reports of Fox News, a surgeon has been appointed for baby Luna, who will be performing six to eight surgeries on Luna over the next 18 months.

The surgeon will be treating baby Luna with a ‘Photodynamic therapy’. ‘It is an innovative way to treat oncological diseases with the use of laser radiation. ‘The technology itself involves administering photo-sensitizer in the patients’ body,’ the Daily Mail quotes surgeon as saying.

Written by Unnati Madan

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