23 Funniest Business Cards We Found On The Internet

One of the most important things about business is a ‘business card’. From your contact details to the work that you do, a business card is really important for every businessman out there. Agree or not, a business card reflects alot about the businessman.

However, many times people try to add their creativity in their business cards and as a result, they end up making their business cards look funny.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the funniest business cards that we found on the internet, have a look:

1. Now that’s something witty:

2. And the best babysitter award goes to:

3. Stretch a bit:

4. They are there to help you out:

5. Self-obsession be like:

6. No points for guessing, who’s business card is this:

7. That’s a bold one:

8. Woah…so good it is:

9. Hilarious this is:

10. Business card of a breast implantation surgeon:

11. Doesn’t really look like appreciation:

12. At a price you can afford!!:

13. A male stripper for free:

14. wait, wtf did I just read?

15. Genius:

16. Smuggler, Sore Loser:

17. I can smell sexism here:

18. WTF:

19. Meet the pooper scooper:

20. Amazing:


21. The most versatile business card:

22. Owned:

23. Not A Douchebag:

Written by Unnati Madan

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