22 Funny Things Indians Do That Nobody In The World Can

From authentic food, architectural beauty, to rich history, India is famous for many things. India is definitely one of the countries that one can indulge in a whole lot of culture and fall in love with the beauty of each culture.

Apart from how beautiful our country is, just like the Taj Mahal, there are many things that you will only find in India or you will only see Indians doing. From adjusting in the packed rickshaw, where people are almost falling off the vehicles or spotting some hilarious signs on the roads that make no sense at all when we step out of our house, there are many things that leave us in splits.

Here, in this article, we bring you a few pictures of the things that you will find only in India or the things that only Indians can do, have a look:

1. Yes, we can laugh at our adversity:

2. We are good at giving subtle hints:

3. Because we don’t trust our roommates and are a firm believer of ‘Savdhan raho satark raho’:

4. Because no one can multi-task better than us:

5. We literally believe in ‘Save water, save life’:


7. We treat animals like our friends or vice versa:

8. No one can beat us in creativity:

9. Our moms can breathe fire:

10. We know the art of making ‘solid’ tea as well:

11. Swag ki kammi ni hai :

12. We are so innocent that we can’t even spell hatred:

13. Our favorite movie is Dhoom:

14. We can adjust anywhere:

15. No one gives better challenges than us:

16. We love unconditionally:

17. We know the art of not giving f*cks:

18. Even our shoes visits hospitals:

19. Because we don’t trust people that easily:

20. We are a perfectionist and can go to any extent to get things perfect:

21. Because we are daredevils:

22. Our priorities are clear:

Written by Unnati Madan

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