20 Indians Who Scared Everyone With Their Rude Yet Hilarious Car Stickers


Traveling via the road has become more like a headache. The jam-packed traffic and long hours of waiting on roads make it really frustrating for us to survive in big cities. However, it can be a lot of fun too if you keep a close eye on the other vehicles as well.

From funny, witty to full of swag, we have spotted hilarious slogans and car stickers. While traveling on road, you will also come across some really badass drivers that travel in a way that they are like the ‘king of the road’. In this article, we bring you some of the brutally rude car stickers that will immediately catch your attention, but you would not like to honk at them or disturb them by any means.. :

1. Would you dare to honk at this car?:

2. Virgin Hunters on the road guys:


3. An open challenge for all:

4. Sorry girls, his heart beats only for his parents:

5. The wittiest sticker ever:

6. The patriotic auto-driver:

7. He is sunami not Tsunami:

8. Don’t laugh, your daughter may be in there:

9. Raj- naam toh suna hi hoga:

10. Beware guys:

11. They: Tere baap ki road hai kya?


12. The guy who is so confused about his wife:

13. Hahah:

14. Well, that’s life:

15. Okay idiot?:

16. And the King is here:

17. Someone is really frustrated:

18. Attitude is his habit:

19. Keep distance, don’t regret later:

20. The Dictator: